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Welcome To The Writings Page!

This is the page where you will find all of my writings and musings. I will be re-ordering the stories to represent newest to oldest.

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The Story "Scribe"

This is a new story arc, written in a non-Sabrinaverse world that is not too different from ours. There will be aliens, family values and the occasional soul searching. The story begins in the sleepy city of Auburn, California, some years after the United States fought a stalemate war against China over the rights to drill for oil off the coast of Unalaska, Alaska.

The Sequel "Rift"

This is a sequel to the tome "Scribe." We pick up about twelve Elazi years after "Scribe" ended with the oldest child of Jeffrey and Krista now an ambassador like her mother. She will, however have to face problems her mother never had to deal with.

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The Story "A Voice From The Past"

This is the first short story that I penned, based on a series of tomes put forth in the "Sabrinaverse" universe of writings. Our protagonist is Torvald Svensen, a former Berserker living in the modern (furry) world.

The Story "Lost"

This is the second story in my "Sabrinaverse/Torvaldverse" series that takes place right after "A Voice From The Past." Well, things seemed to settle down but now, that's all off the table. Torvald and Victoria find themselves in a strange situation that might not have a resolution.

The Story "The Price Of Worship"

'The Price Of Worship' is another story in the ongoing saga of the immortal couple Torvald and Victoria Svensen. this story occurs after the mission with the dragon that was alluded to in the end of the story 'Lost.'

The story's beginning setting is a parallel world 1897 Anderson, Indiana, USA. This world had a black plague but it didn't wipe out the equine population as it did on most of the other worlds so there are a few more equines than normal.

This story features a few familiar furs that you will recognize and some very surprising twists. The are a few bad furs, some new good furs and a healthy dose of demons and minions for good measure.

Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we follow the immortal couple through their mid-west turn-of-the-century romp and other various places in 'The Price Of Worship.

"A Loss Of Rights"

"A Loss Of Rights" is the next story in the continuing saga of Torvald and Victoria Svensen, 'The Immortal Warriors.'

This story is based on a modern day parallel world with the mission locale being Modesto, California, West America. The couple have been sent here to squelch an uprising of heretics using the Bible for personal gain. There is a 'slight' problem with the mission that isn't apparent until the mission is underway.

Their cover story is that they are husband and wife from Wisconsin, moved to Modesto for Torvald to take a job as a Counselor for the Modesto Metropolitan Police Department. This is his normal day job so it will be easy for him to blend into the crowd. Not so for poor Victoria. The tigress will have to battle personal issues with this mission as they attempt to stop the heretics in their tracks.

This world has a few twists that will become apparent as we head out to California's Central Valley for "A Loss Of Rights."

I will warn all of you that this story will be a very controversial story so feel forewarned about the subject matter.

The Story "End Game"

"End Game" is the next story in the continuing saga of Torvald and Victoria Svensen, 'The Immortal Warriors.'

This story starts out on their home world after their adventures outlined in the story "A Loss Of Rights".

This will undoubtedly be the adventure that will test their endurance to the limits so be forewarned; this will be no picnic for the 'Immortal Warriors' and their family.

this story is a new style of writing for me, where I am writing a story that is parallel and canon to another story, "Defiance" by Joan Jacobsen, AKA Aslaug. This is an unusual style of writing that has the two stories overlap and intertwine with one another along with characters that are shared by both tomes. I will add links to Aslaug's chapters in the appropriate places so you can read it with a sense of continuity.

The Story "Redemption"

"Redemption" is the next story in the continuing saga of Torvald and Victoria Svensen, 'The Immortal Warriors.'

This story is a continuation of the misadventures outlined in the story "End Game".

This is the story that will be the final (for now) story for Torvald and Victoria Svensen.

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The Story "The Trap"

The Trap is a story about two sentient beings that work as purchasing agents for a millionaire. They are sent on what was supposed to be a routine trip only to have things go sideways on them. If you would like to comment (and I welcome all comments) use the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the writings!
The chapters are available in two flavors. PDF is my recommended format (the way I meant it to look) but for you folks or furs on dialup I'm offering up some HTML versions. Please Enjoy!