"End Game" - A Collaborative On-Line Story

"End Game" is the next story in the continuing saga of Torvald and Victoria Svensen, 'The Immortal Warriors.'

This story starts out on their home world after their adventures outlined in the story "A Loss Of Rights".

This will undoubtedly be the adventure that will test their endurance to the limits so be forewarned; this will be no picnic for the 'Immortal Warriors' and their family.

this story is a new style of writing for me, where I am writing a story that is parallel and canon to another story, "Defiance" by Joan Jacobsen, AKA Aslaug. This is an unusual style of writing that has the two stories overlap and intertwine with one another along with characters that are shared by both tomes. I will add links to Aslaug's chapters in the appropriate places so you can read it with a sense of continuity.


"End Game" - "Prologue" in PDF format (posted 02/18/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 01 - "Out Of The Woods" in PDF format

Before you ask, "Out of the Woods" occurs shortly before the start of "End Game"

"End Game" - Chapter 1 - "Portola Hills" in PDF format (posted 02/21/2010)

"End Game" - Chapter 2 - "The Meeting" in PDF format (posted 03/07/2010)

"End Game" - Chapter 3 - "A Subdued Housewarming" in PDF format (posted 03/14/2010)

"End Game" - Chapter 4 - "Waiting For The Inevitable" in PDF format (posted 03/20/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 02 - "I.D.S." in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 5 - "Arraignments and Agents" in PDF format (posted 03/27/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 03 - "Faces Of The Enemy" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 6 - "Into The Fire" in PDF format (posted 04/05/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 04 - "Siblings" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 7 - "Investigation" in PDF format (posted 04/18/2010)

This chapter of "Defiance" opens a whole new can of worms and answers a few questions. Read on.

"Defiance" - Chapter 05 - "Precedent" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 8 - "Preparations" in PDF format (posted 05/07/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 06 - "The Blind Eye" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 9 - "It's Time" in PDF format (posted 05/26/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 07 - "Wells" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 10 - "Trials" in PDF format (posted 06/07/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 08 - "Truth" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 11 - "The Unthinkable" in PDF format (posted 06/27/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 09 - "Dark Spirits" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 10 - "Reforged" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 11 - "Showdown" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 12 - "Realizations" in PDF format (posted 07/14/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 12 - "Aftermath" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 13 - "The Bloody Angle" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 13 - "Prosecution" in PDF format (posted 08/09/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 14 - "AFter New Year" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 15 - "The Next Step" in PDF format

WARNING! The end of Chapter 14 is very graphic! Don't say I didn't warn you!

"End Game" - Chapter 14 - "Prosecution Part Deux" in PDF format (posted 08/19/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 16 - "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 17 - "The Hunt" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 15 - "Prosecution Part Trois" in PDF format (posted 09/08/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 18 - "13:11 - 13" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 19 - "A Time For Answers" in PDF format

"End Game" - Chapter 16 - "Prosecution Part Quatre?" in PDF format (posted 09/28/2010)

"Defiance" - Chapter 20 - "Blood And Steel" in PDF format

"Defiance" - Chapter 21 - "Blood Eagle" in PDF format

Chapter 21 of "Defiance" brings closure and opens a few sore wounds. Read on to Chapter 17 of "End Game" to see if closure is finally found.

"End Game" - Chapter 17 - "The Reading" in PDF format (posted 10/05/2010)

And here it is, the final chapter of "End Game". Those of you that are machinists will understand the title of this chapter.

"End Game" - Chapter 18 - "tolerance Stack-Up" in PDF format (posted 11/20/2010)

I would suggest that you read the 'Little Nothings' stories at Aslaug's Axe Shed followed by my stories in this order: "A Voice From The Past" then "Lost" followed by "The Price Of Worship" and "A Loss Of Rights" to help you make more light of this story.

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