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Webdate: 19 June 2023,
I welcome you to the remodeled web home of Kellan Meig'h. I had been wanting to do the conversion to responsive web styles for a while so this is the result, such as it may be.

You will find the most recent news or musings at my BLOG. That is where I'll be putting important things that don't belong on a their own web page.

Some new things will be added from time to time and a few old things were deleted due to low views on those pages. By the way, this is all done with w3schcools assistance. Trust me, responsive design is difficult at best and there are no good editors our there to help with WYSIWYG programming. I finally went to the w3schools site and did some learning, the old way. So, the Old Warhorse has acquired some new skills. Still working on them, too. I guess it is possible to teach an old horse new tricks

This will be acting as the entry page for my site and the NEWS area will probably be linking to a blog that goes with the information being offered up. Anyway, I hope you all like this site and if you feel like it, post a comment, flame, etc right below.

Thanks for stopping by!


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About Kellan, The Old Warhorse

Some information about me, Kellan Tormod Meig'h the Old Warhorse. You know, the man, the myth, the legend, yada, yada, yada . . .

Kellan is a human/equine hybrid, his transformation caused by being in the military at the wrong time. The Pentagon wanted an indestructible soldier so scientists created a serum to build immunity of epic proportions. The sad thing was, the military enlisted men were used as guinea pigs to test this serum out. Some say it was a blast of gamma rays from our sun that triggered the change, causing latent DNA in that serum to change their appearances to more closely resemble the source of that DNA.

Kellan in his hybrid glory and on the right, his Real Life alter ego, Ray

So, as you can see, there really is another person besides this mysterious Kellan Tormod Meig'h. My name is Ray, I'm a 60-something writer now living in the mid-west. I'm married, two kids, three grand kids. I like to attempt to hack code, write (obviously), play guitar, do a bit of wood working and go boating, among other things.

That is a kilt I'm wearing, the unofficial USMC Leatherneck tartan in 12oz wool. I wear it top honor those Marines that are serving, have served and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. soon I will replace this picture with a newer one with me wearing the USAF tartan, the tartan of my branch of service. That beast I'm leaning against is a forgotten warrior from another era, a 1973 International Harvester Corporation Model 1010 pickup. I owned it for a few years, unfortunately I had to sell it on due to no space to keep it at the apartment we lived in at the time.

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Web date 19 June 2023,

Chapter 08 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Web date 22 March 2023,

Chapter 07 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 06 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 05 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Web date 22 May 2022,

Chapter 04 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Web date 21 May 2022,

Chapter 03 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Web date 19 February 2022,

Chapter 02 of "Rift" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Web date 21 January 2022,

Well, it's become time to begin posting "Rift," the sequel to the tome "Scribe." The time frame places this works approximately twelve years after the conclusion of "Scribe" with the Andrews'lan's oldest child now an ambassador to Earth. While she carries on the family mantle of Diplomacy, she will face challenges her forebearers never had to deal with.

Web date 14 November 2021,

I have been doing some site cleanup, making the image galleries work as advertised. There was a problem with formatting causing the columns to get all scrambled when going from desktop resolution to tablet, then to cellphone sizing. Many thanks to Marian S. for the hints she gave me to fix the issues at hand.

Web date 15 November 2020,

Chapter 45 of "Scribe" and Chapter 46 of "Scribe"has been posted for your reading pleasure. Read on if you dare.

The Blogger version of my BLOG has been reintegrated into my website.
It was just too difficult to do a stand-alone blog to make it worth it. Especially since I will be doing more blogging from this time forward.

15 November 2020, New blog content is up now.

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