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Welcome to the Blog Archives for December 2007

Webdate: 12/28/2007

Well males and femmes, the year that needs to be forgotten is slowly winding down to a close.

With that said, it was overall, not too bad. My tigress found a new job that she really likes, I had my cataract surgery and we have found new digs that don't cost an arm and a leg.

I've made some new friends on the PlanetFurry website and had some chat/email conversations with a very amazing filly, an interesting coyote and a laid-back white tiger. I guess you all know who you are so I won't name names. There is a fourth feline that I need to chat with just to get to know him better (Aramis, are you listening?)

I've fired off several short stories this year, two with the help of Aslaug. The Old Gray Raccoon picked up my story "A Voice From The Past" and put it on The Rccoon's Bookshelf. That was really encouraging to me, letting me know that somebody was reading my stories.

I'm currently editing my novel "Destiny's Change" for my publisher. It's a novel aobut an average guy who suffers a very unusual complication to his life. It's set in modern day and time with all of the nuances that go with it. Expect it out in 2008.

To all of you that have read my stories, the latest one should be up around February. Sorry for the wait but I have to move next month so that will take some time to do.

To Teric: We must get together on that Sunday you mentioned.

From My Tigerss, our litle Filly and the Old Warhorse himself,

Wishing all of you a happy and very productive New Years


Webdate: 12/24/2007

OK, Males and Femmes, let's add insult to injury!

The relative that wan't us to move is now acting like there's nothing wrong and we have no reason to be upset! I don't know what to think. All I know is we have to move to get away from this insanity.

(A very disppointed) Kellan

Webdate: 12/22/2007

I promised myself that I would not use this forum to vent so I will say I'm sorry if you have to read my ranting.

My family is being forced to move to new digs. There, I said it. We had been staying with a relative that suddenly decided that since we would no longer cater to their every whim, we must leave. That relative has not taken into consideration that we have been paying the utilities and purchasing all of the groceries. Once we have left, this person will not have the money necessary to survive. We tried to point this out but they aren't having any of it. It has gone so far as to include the fact that we are not welcome at Christmas dinner in the house. This is the straw that broke the camel's back.

This is what happens when people that are certifiable influence somebody that cannot make rational choices for themselves.

We will survive this but I can promise you this: we will remember this Xmas for years to come. My tigress, our little filly and I will survive, somehow.

(A very somber) Kellan

Webdate: 12/20/2007

Well, I feel bad now. I forgot to mention that in the new story "The Price Of Worship," there will be a mention of a certain white tiger and a appearance by a certain coyote from SoCal and his vixen mate.

The story itself trudges on, being one of those that comes to me in fits and starts. The fact being that I'm being critical this time, trying to put out a very nice short story for all of my fans (that I can count on 1 paw!) is making it just that much harder.

I hope when it's finished, it will be put up on The Raccoon's Bookshelf alongside my flagship story, "A Voice From The Past."

A special thanks goes out to The Silver Coyote for his kind words about my site and writings. thanks for putting a banner over on your site!


Webdate: 12/09/2007


I have made progress on my new story that's in progress. It is called "The Price Of Worship" and it has my favorite immortal couple as the main characters. There is at least 1 cameo appearance by a certain blond filly and I'm sure you will enjoy it. I expect to begin posting it in January 2008.


Webdate: 12/04/2007

Just a quick note to say that I have ran up against a wall with the current story that I'm working on. Oh Well, it happens to the best of us.


Webdate: December 1st, 2007

Well guys, gals, males and femmes, December is upon us. That means it's time for Christmas shopping to seriously begin. I was out near our favorite big box retailer (Costco) and the lot was jammed. Everybody must have been there trying to get the best deal on their presents this year.

Speaking of good deals, I picked up a laptop from Dell. It's an Inspiron 1501 that so far, has performed flawlessly. The OS is a different story altogether. Windows Vista Basic has to be the most infuriating OS I have ever had the misfortune to use! I think Windows Millennium was better than this in some ways.

The OS asks you if you want to run an app that you have selected and waits until you have chosen yes or no. It was crashing several of my programs until I turned that idiotic thing off.

I also discovered that there's plenty of old code left in Vista. I have run every 32 bit app that I've installed. So much for all new code...

Just want to mention that Chapter 2 of 'A Voice From The Past' is posted on The Raccoon's Bookshelf.

There are two typo's in it that I discovered after it was posted. First one to find them both will get some kind of mention in this blog. Email me HERE with your guesses!


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