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Welcome to the Blog Archive for March 2008

Webdate: 03/17/2008

Just thought I would blog just a little tonight one-pawed.

What I said recently about an area that would stay numb on my finger ... well, it ain't. In fact, that area of my finger has seen a dramatic increase in neural activity. To the point that it really hurts as the nerves come back to life. I have been taking a lot of pain killers the past few days to kill the pain but it's not working very well. I only hope that it settles down soon.

On a lighter note, I am working on adding a forum (PHPBB) for my writings to this site. I'll give all of you a heads-up when we get ready to go live here. Nicolai, I will e-mail you personally with an invitation.

(A very tired and hurting) Kellan

Webdate: 03/12/2008

Quick Update-

Here's what the paw looks like now-it's almost done healing! Yay!!


Another week or so and it will look just like new! The feeling is coming back except for an area near the surgical site. That will probably always be numb. Oh Well.....

Type to ya later,


Webdate: 03/08/2008

Just a quick note-

My paw is healing right nicely, as my father would have said. Once the stitches were removed, my paw and finger stopped hurting so badly. One stitch in particular hurt like hell when the Doc's assistant removed it. That was the one that hit everything in sight.

So anyway, here's a few more pics taken this morning for your approval.


As you can see, things are progressing just nicely. I will post another set when it's finally healed. That way all of you won't get bored by pictures of my finger! LOL!

I had toyed with the idea of doing WordPress on my site but I'm holding off for now. This blog only causes a hassle when I start a new month so this blog stays for now.

Blog to you later,


Webdate: 03/01/2008

Just a quick addition to show how the old digit is healing:


The other pics are over on my February BLOG page for comparison purposes.

My chat with the surgeon revealed that he had in fact used a permanent marker that is made for the medical trade. He feels it will wash off in a month or so and I'm not to be worried by it. OK, he doesn't have to see it, ya know?

Anyways, the nerves that were firing constantly from the removal of pressure have calmed down but the dull ache is still there, letting me know I'm healing.

Enough for now,

Kellan, the old warhorse himself

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