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Welcome to the Blog Archives for January 2008

Webdate: 01/26/2008

Just a quick update-

I am still working on the latest story, "The Price Of Worship", and I have to tell you, it is tough to keep from hitting the wall with this writing. I'm not sure why, but the story has been hard to advance along.

At any rate, I promised that I would begin posting it in February so without further adeu, I will post the first chapter next Saturday. I hope that all of my readers will approve of the story.


Webdate: 01/22/2008

Greetings from the new Casa Del Meig'h

Those of you that take the time to read my posts know I have been moving. And moving. And moving... We are tired of moving but I can at least get on the interweb thingy and make phone calls now. Interestly enough, it was the same tech that did the high speed cable 'net install at the last house that did our Comcast install this time.

Anyway, moved stuff in the cold and rain a few days ago and that weakened my defenses just enough to catch a cold. So here I sit, typing a blog when I should be at work. Bummer.

We are still trying to see how to fit enough stuff into 820 sg. ft. of living space with no couch, no dining room chairs (using folding chairs right now) and no bed yet. It's still raining here in sunny Northern California.

(A very sick) Kellan

Webdate: 01/18/2008

Well, even though this blog is easy for me to hack, I have the opportunity to install a real blog, or a CMS (content management system) on my web site. I have a few to pick from but I am leaning towards WordPress for my choice. All I have to figure out is how to integrate it into my website!

Yeah, that's the hard part, doing integration. I will probably do a redesign of my site, using a template by Andreas Viklund. I could then use one of his coordinating WordPress themes, tweaked appropriately to make everything look the same. I am using one of his templates over at my non-fursona site HERE. Check it out and you'll see how clean it looks and it's not much harder to maintain than this current site.

Just as a note (and I know if she's reading this, the filly would give me grief for it!) I cannot forget that Aslaug uses WordPress for her site HERE. There ya go, filly ... a shameless plug for one of my favorite equines! Note that at the bottom of her blog page it says the original design by Andreas Viklund. Just so ya know.

Anyway, gotta go get some more boxes somewhere for paperwork. Still packing and moving. Since we recycle everything, there's nothing left for packing as far as boxes unless you know somebody that works somewhere. Bummer.

Take care all and I will blog some more when I have time,


Webdate: 01/17/2008

Just a quick note-

We are still moving and I am trying to find time in between all of this 'fun' to continue working of the story "The Price Of Worship." It has been a challenge to create a story that will not only excite you but keep you begging for more.

I will begun proofing the story in the next few weeks in hopes of beginning posting on the first week of February.


Webdate: 01/08/08

Well, here's a strange one!

For the first time in many months, I will not be posting a story chapter to my site this weekend.

Why? do you ask? Because I don't have the current story that I'm writing on completed. OK, that sounded like a cop-out but it's true. I am still working on "The Price Of Worship" to make sure that it's my best work to date.

Just hang in there, I may be posting it sooner than the first of February. Keep looking for it to appear.


Webdate: 01/03/2008

I'll warn you right now this is a rant thread so if you're not up to reading a rant, check back later.

My relative that's asked up to move just had a row with the neighbor over a pipe that the crazy bitch next door is trying to run on our side of the fence because her downspout is flooding her yard.

This all came about because the house next door used to be a flat top and the previous owners added a pitched roof with a poorly placed downspout. This causes the garage to flood and we can't convince her that she needs to move her downspout.

Because she had a row with the neighbor, she came in and unloaded on me while I was nursing a raging headache from having my eyes dilated this morning. Oh fun Oh joy!

So she goes and blames me, my daughter and my wife for having to move. Yeah, right! She's getting more unstable as the days go on from taking this mew medication.

LIfe's so good when you're having fun!

(A very pissed off) Kellan

Webdate: 01/02/2008

Woo Hoo! First blog entry of the year! I have cleaned up the index page so you will not have to dig around to find what you are looking for. With that said, I need to find a better way to find stuff myself, like the possibility of a Google search for my site.

As I said, I will be adding all the announcements here so here they are:

  • The story "Lost" is in the can now.
  • I have a new story in the works for February of this year
  • My novel "Destiny's Change" has been sent back to the editor for further scrutiny and...
  • I will be at Further Confusion Friday night and Sunday

So anyway, when I have some time, I will post some more for you to read.


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