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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Health Update

So, here's an update on things;

right now, my Tigress and I should be at a Burns Supper, enjoying good company, haggis, neeps, tatties and a wee bit 'o single malt whiskey. But no, here we are at home because the old warhorse is sick.

I have now made three trips to the emergency room with this kidney stone and I am no closer to having the stone broken up than I was at the first. Let me elaborate while I'm still lucid enough to do so.

After the first trip to the emergency room eight days ago on 1/21, I was left with the impression that I would be seen by a Urologist by the following Monday or Tuesday. What did transpire was a call on Monday, informing me of an appointment on 2/1(!) to be evaluated. Insane, huh?

After much complaining, I was granted an appointment for 1/27. Yeah, six days after the fact. In the meantime, I had to make a second trip to the emergency room due to unmanageable pain. I went to the appointment on 1/27, only to be left with more false hope. Made another trip to the emergency room that afternoon, too. That marks the third trip that I have endured. The arms are getting beat up by the numerous attempts as putting IV's in my body.

Okay, so I thought this urologist was on the up and up, so I took his statement at face value that they would get me into Oakland's facilities to get this stone broke up fairly quickly. Friday came and no call with an appointment. I called up to Oakland only to find out that my urologist had not contacted them and at any rate, it would be weeks before I am given an appointment. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

So, here I am, in a drug-induced haze, just hoping for a quick end to this. It is apparent that Kaiser-Permanente does not care one bit just how bad I'm suffering. The did offer to do surgery to install a shunt to bypass things. Hey, if you're already in there, why not just go for the stone? Am I missing something here? My wife seems to think that the shunt (stent) would hold things open so I could urinate until the stone is broken up but that makes no sense. I mean, come on, it's blocked for fuck's sake! How is holding things open below it gonna help things? The fucking stone is the blockage!!

I'm in pain again, as you might guess. Actually, I'm thinking I might need yet another trip to the emergency room for a round of stiff pain meds.

Gah, I'm so fucking sick right now . . .

Kellan, the sick old warhorse

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday's Ramblings

Today's ramblings will be short and sweet.

It's been a long week and my back injury has been catching up with me. So much so that I didn't attend the Scottish games yesterday. Maybe today.

It still ceases to amaze me what I find at the school sites. Found in a junction can:

Box in a junction can  

Yeah, that one surprised me, too. In case you're not a techie, that's a box of cabling, 2 each 22 guage wires in a white jacket. Purpose? Unknown. Reason for being in the junction can? Unknown also. The orange corrugated tubing houses two fiber-optic cables, in case you're wondering. The telco room is on the other side of that wall, btw.

Anyways, enough for now.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day and please be careful if you have a barbecue or an open fire pit going! California has enough wildfires going as it is ... don't add to it!

Kellan, the tired old warhorse

Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday's Quiz (and blog)

Hmm ... No guesses? *shakes head* These were easy questions for those who have been reading my stuff ...

Q. Who the heck are Hrist, Gunhildr and Elin?

Use the comment system below to make your best educated guesses.

So, last Wednesday's quiz was, "What islands did Joan Elfsborg suspect Torvald was from by the sound of his accent and the language he used to speak to her?"

Joan Elfsborg, the tall, blond filly, thought Torvald was from the Faroe Islands. She also thought he might be Icelandic. It seems (according to my sources) this would be her best guess. Ancient Danish was different from modern Danish, which Joan can speak.

I will hold off on answering Friday's quiz until Wednesday.

We did go to "Try The Caber" day, having a wonderful day in the process. The weather was nice, The company excellent and the food was outstanding. I have about 2 hours of video to pare down into 9 minutes and 55 seconds for YouTube. There might be a blooper reel, too. We had a couple of minor injuries but you have to remember, we're playing with tree trunks, heavy stones and modified exercise equipment.

Still working on chapter 29 of "A Loss Of Rights"  so don't expect it before this weekend.


Kellan, the old warhorse

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday's Blog

Well, we're going over to Stanford University's grounds for a 'Try The Caber' day with our local athletes. I suppose I will lift no more than my video camera but it might give you an idea what Scottish Games are all about. I will post pics/vids.

Still working on Chapter 29 of "A Loss Of Rights"  and it seems to be slow going at the moment. I'm hoping a day out of the house will inspire me to write.

My friend The Silver Coyote has been busy so he hasn't been posting in a forum we haunt. I hope his Mom-in-law is doing well after having a pacemaker put in to help her aging heart. SC, we're still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

As a side note, my wandering minstrel friend turned up at another hospital Saturday. They were wanting me to go retrieve his medications for safe keeping. I let his roomie know this because I'm almost at the point of washing my hands of this mess right now. Grrr ...


Kellan, the old warhorse

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Post

Tomorrow, we're attending the Livermore Scottish Games. Hopefully the weather will be nice (read: not too hot), and we won't lose another sun shade to the wind like last year.

For all of you following "A Loss Of Rights", Chapter 27 has been posted for your reading pleasure. It's just a hair longer than usual but it sets the stage for what happens after this chapter.

Have a nice weekend,

Slainte Mhath!

Kellan, the old warhorse