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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"End Game" Chapter 07

Just a quick note -

Chapter 07 of "End Game"  has been posted.

When I get a chance, I have a few pics from my weekend vacation to share with all of you.

Kellan, the old warhorse

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Eldest Child . . .

And here is my eldest daughter Jan, the one responsible for Dana's make-over.



Kellan, the old warhorse

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday's Mishap

Across the street from my work, a truck decided a fire hydrant was in a wrong location . . .


Taken with crappy cell phone. Sorry, the good point & shoot was MIA at the time. that's my pickup-truck's tailgate in the second photo. Alameda County Water District and the Fire department were not impressed.


Kellan, the old warhorse

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Termination Can From Hell

Okay, here's one of my favorites; a termination can that has it all. Telephone, clocks, intrusion alarm wiring, bells, cable television and a little more, the battery and power supply for the intrusion alarm. Stuffed. Literally.

The battery is that dark grey thing in the lower right of the can (12 volt, 5 amp/hour sealed lead-acid) and the charger is top center. It's powered by a 16.5 volt power bug that's 'somewhere' inside the room. I have not actually found it after an extensive search. :( 


Kellan, the old warhorse

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Checking In

I thought I might check in just to prove I'm still around.

Went to work sick with a serious cold/cough this week so I'm very under the weather. Gah, it seems like I have been sick forever. At least I feel a little better today so maybe I'm on the mend.

I know where my friend SC will be tomorrow; watching the Canucks and the Yanks battle it out on the ice. I'm kind of torn by this, since there are many great American hockey players and a number of great Canadian players. At any rate, the Gold remains in North America regardless. I hope I can watch the game and I'm not nodding off like I have been doing today.

I was really hoping for some better weather this weekend because I really wanted to get some shots of my hometown of Niles. I wanted to capture the railroad station now that it has been moved back to downtown but it's raining off and on right now. Maybe tomorrow.

"End Game" apparently has gone over well with my proofers so I hope to get the next chapter done this weekend. That's if I can stay awake. Isn't if funny how cold medication makes you sleepy? Oh well ... 8)

Take care,

Kellan, the old warhorse