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Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 20 Is Up!

Hey All!

Well, how about Another Chapter of "Redemption"? 


Kellan, the Old Warhorse

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just A Quick Post

Taken with the new Canon SX20-IS camera:


You can tell my Tigress was running down by this panel.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FC 2010 Images

Hey all!

Just a quick note that I've posted a few pics from the convention.

Gallery for Further Confusion 2010 

I'll get some links up for the full sized (4000 x 3000) shots in a few days.


Kellan, the old warhorse

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Addendum

My personal thoughts on the FurCon~

We crashed Saturday night kinda early but you have to remember, this is a Con and there's booze involved.

About 0100 hours, a roving party made its way through our hall. Not too noisy but a party looking for a place to light anyway. I finally returned to sleep only to be awakened at 0230 hours with another party, louder this time. Not too loud but definitely alcohol fueled.

An hour later at 0330 hours, knocking on the door. This time the roving party was looking for Ono-somebody's room. They had one young man with them, maybe still in his teens and most likely only still standing due to his two friends holding him up. Had to inform them this was not Ono-something's room and turn them away. They were decent enough to ask if I wanted to join their party. I declined.

Around 0414 hours, more noise. This time, I swear on a stack of "Destiny's Change" novels that it sounded like a young female in the throws of passion. No shit! She was asking her partner (I hope she had a partner and this was not a solo act!) to be rougher with her! Yikes!!

So, that brings us up to now, 0930 hours. Here I sit, still waiting for the coffee I made (not bad, btw) and the pain pill I took a few minutes ago to kick in. When it does, I will most likely feel like a human being again. I have to reiterate, the chairs they have in the various meeting rooms are nicely cushioned but the odd angle of the back, coupled with the squishiness of the seat combine to make a very effective torture device for the old warhorse's back. I hate getting old.

Cameras. My thoughts.

As some of you might know from looking at my galleries, I have been using Kodak cameras for a few years now. I actually started out in the digital realm using a Sony Mavica FD-88 camera. Yeah, the one that uses real floppy disks as the storage medium. Max size of the pictures was 1280 X 960 pixels w/o interpolation. It used up its Sony-proprietary batteries at an alarming rate and the floppies only held three or four pictures. I have to admit it did take decent pictures as long as your subject was not too far away. Landscapes did have severe jpeg artifacts in them.

The next camera was a Kodak C7430, a 4 mega pixel camera. It really seemed like it was a great point-and-shoot but it had its limitations, too. One was the SD cards. Max size was 256 Mb that it would accept. It does take very nice general purpose pics with not too much jpeg artifacts. Batteries are very slow to charge, even with a one hour charger.

This camera had its failings when asked to take pictures in less than optimum conditions such as in a room without the flash or taking pictures of a performance on stage. Very blurry shots were the norm.

The next one was a Kodak Z885 that was quickly replaced under warranty with a Kodak Z1285. Virtually identical cameras except the 885 was an eight mega pixel and the 1285 is a twelve mega pixel. A very nice point and shoot but it still has some limitations. That less than optimum conditions issue plus some very long delays between shutter press and picture taken, sometimes as long as three seconds! No kidding! This caused me to take many 'too-late' shots or if I tried to anticipate the lag, I took the picture too soon. Very frustrating. The pics that it takes are very good, however with very little jpeg artifacts.

That brings us to now. We obtained a Canon Powershot SX20IS for the con, street price of $399 USD but it ends up on sale quite often. This is a very nice camera, having everything between full auto for my tigress to full manual for total control over my shots. It will also accept a Canon Speedlite external flash should I want to add one, which I most likely will. It's not a point-and-shoot but not a full blown DSLR either. It's a very nice transitional camera or it could be used as a backup camera for a DSLR user.

This is a twelve megapixel camera and after using it this weekend, I am very impressed with it. The pictures it takes are just outstanding and it powers from plain old alkaline AA batteries (4). Weight is very light since I wore it around my neck all day without complaint. You can use the viewfinder or the LCD display and the viewfinder has diopter correction in case you wear glasses and want to take them off to shoot.

A 2Gb card will give you 676 pictures (!) so I haven't even come close to running out of space yet. I will post some shots with links to the full sized (4000 X 3000) originals for your inspection.

I could recommend this camera heavily without hesitation. It has one quirk that there is a remedy for. The fact of the matter is the lens is not threaded for filters. It may look like it's threaded but if you look closely and turn the camera, you'll see the grooves are just that; grooves adn not threads. A company called Lensmate makes an adapter that bayonets onto the lens just like the existing hood attaches. Onto this adapter you can attach ordinary 58mm filters. It's dirt cheap so I'll be getting one. Even if I'm not using a polarizer or other filter, just having a neutral density filter in place will protect the existing lens from scratches and other damage.

I guess I should wrap up this rather lengthy post and get ready to go again.


Kellan, the old warhorse

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Further Confusion 2010 ... Comments on Saturday

So, here I am, 2200 hours at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, attending Further Confusion. We arrived on Friday and attended a few panels. I was tired so we gave up early and crashed out.

This morning we had breakfast with Teric and Xaqtly at CoCo's in Sunnyvale. This has been a tradition since FC2008 and we really enjoyed our meal but most importantly, their company.

Attended a few panels, gained a few tips about fur suit construction and made a trip through the Dealer's Den. That was interesting because Rule #34 was in effect. We had to cut off my tigress before she stopped to check out Bad Dragon's table. Just told her, "You don't want to check it out."

Had dinner at Johnny Rockets on First street, right by the Fairmont. The food was great but the $33 USD price tag before tip was steep.

We watched the performers show off their new suits for awards and then called it a night. My back is killing me from sitting in the chairs provided for the panels.


Kellan, the old warhorse

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday's Blog

A bit of rambling here-

I just wanted to start by saying that I have been very lax in my blogging ... well, that's not rue. I have flat @$$ ignored my blog for a while now and I really think it's because of the situation.

I've been working at getting the old body ready to go back to work but it seems that I may indeed not go back to my job. This is bad due to the economic situation right now. My work and the workman's compensation insurance has pretty much said 'You're not going to be retrained' if you can't come back to work. That would put me on State Disability that would not provide enough for us to get by on.

Don't get me wrong, my Tigress works a full time job so we wouldn't be out on the street but we would have to tighten our belts very tight.

I also have been ignoring good friends, too. SC, I owe you an email as well as my Danish friend, Aslaug.

Anyway, there was more I wanted to say but my depression, coupled with this physical thing that I'm experiencing besides the back, have been sapping my ability to write. What's been going on is this thing, for better word to call it, has been happening. Not constantly, but intermittently my muscles twitch 'slightly', like I'm being shocked by an AC current. Sometimes it's my legs, other times it my lower back or shoulders, sometimes it's my whole body, it seems. It happens mostly after I have been asleep for a few hours so it wakes me up and it takes hours to go back to sleep.

I will be going to a Kaiser Hospital, soon, I hope, for a sleep study. Like I will be able to sleep all wired for sound!

As a note, Chapter 26 is still not ready for prime time. Sorry, gang but that's how it goes. Hopefully my (few) loyal readers will hang in there and be patient.

Thanks for reading,

Kellan, the old warhorse.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Usual Stuff

Updates at a ridiculous hour of the morning-

Well, Chapter 24 of "A Loss Of Rights" is up for your reading pleasure. Anybody want to cop to reading this stuff? Hmm?

Still looking for a HTML editor that won't break my limited budget. I really grew to like DreamWeaver CS4 but it's way too expensive at $399 street.

I tried to use NetObjects Fusion but it wouldn't install on Vista. Yeah, I know that's most likely the problem (Vista) but their answer to the problem of why their trial version wouldn't install was 'buy the full version'. Yeah, as if I had fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

I'm currently evaluating (30 day trial) CoffeCup HTML editor and so far, it seems to work. I still have two others as backups but I wanted a more 'on the fly' editing capability. Must be my old age. My backups are Evrsoft 1stPage2000 and the other, more reliable one is PSPad.

By the way, if you're going to Further Confusion 2010, the con-rate rooms are now available to the public. They will go fast so make sure to reserve a room before Sunday night. They will most likely be all gone by Monday, if last year is any indication.

Well, that's all for now, I think I will shuffle off to bed and try to get some rest. I bicycled a few miles and worked out with some weights today.

Take care and have a nice weekend, if you can. Catch ya on the flip side!

Kellan, the old warhorse

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Well, just sitting here, working on a few stories to try to get everything just so.

As most of you know, I have attended Further Confusion a few years in a row now. Since the last con, my daughter and I have decided to make fursuits! Yep, you heard it here, We're going suiting! We have even garnered the support of my Tigress in this endeavor. As a side note, I will be posting the progress as we go, showing the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll be adding a new category on my website to post the progress.

My daughter's first suit will be a canid, white with some minimal black markings. Not too hard, I suppose. My first suit will be a Pronghorn Antelope named Buck Hunter. He will be done complete with a fluorescent orange hunter's vest, a 'human tag' hanging from his vest and an 'obviously fake' double barreled 'Fudd Gun' over his shoulder. It should be interesting.

Lastly, I've finally recovered (for the most part) from that dratted flu/cough/chest congestion that I have been suffering from since the 20th of December. I hope that those of you that got stricken by this have recovered. That goes double for my friend Aslaug.

Y'all take care and be well,

Kellan, the (tired) old warhorse

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Blog

Just a short blog on Tuesday

Further Confusion 2009 came and went, leaving us chomping at the bit for next year.

For those of you that didn't go, here's some figures.

  • 2,587 Attendees
  • 530 fursuits in the parade (25 minutes worth!)
  • $43,541 USD raised for charity
  • Moves to the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA for 2010! We finally outgrew the Doubletree this year.

Anyway, we went, we saw, we got hooked, attending four panels on fursuit construction. We learned a lot from the masters of the craft, such as don't go to Joanne's Fabrics to buy your fur! All four panels mentioned this!

We got the rare chance to see a few large wild cats that were brought this year and the Masquerade, Furmily Feud and Furry Night Live performances were great.

I did learn something, though. My Kodak Z1285 leaves much to be desired for the types of photos I was trying to get. I will need a better camera by next year. Maybe a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi 12.2 MP that uses my existing SD cards.

My Tigress even attended, stalking the Dealer's Den for bounty. She dropped about $100 USD in there, believe it or not!

Anyway, here's a pic of Zaqtly, Teric, myself and my little filly Champagne. Thanks to Teric and his other roomie behind the camera for the shot. That's his room, BTW. And yes, I'm wearing a kilt because I can! I was very comfortable the whole con in that respect. That was until Monday, when I mistakenly wore P@NTS to the con! 8(

We had fun and we can't wait to go back.

Speaking of backs, mine tortured me all weekend so I'm glad to be home to rest up. I still haven't unpacked, yet!

Take care,