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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pending Burnout

Hey All -

Just to let you know, just as my close friend Alaug has burned out, so have I. I cannot bring myself to write more "Redemption" at this point. Chapter 10 has languished for more than a month with no more than a few paragraphs completed.

I have another story in mind, but it does not have the Immortal Couple in it. All I can share at the moment is that it will be a post-apocalyptic tome, set in the near future and there will be humans and others.

It will be a while before you see this new story, whose working title is "Scribe". I hope you all understand that just like my friend, I can't seem to write that story anymore. I have hit not just a wall, but the side of a very tall cliff.

I'm not gone, just on hiatus.


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