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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something To Ponder

Okay, so I received this email and felt obligated to share it with my 'net friends.


RE: kellanmeigh.com

Please forgive the interruption. One of the members of my staff found your site, and I think it may be a good match for Sosbuzz. Sosbuzz is a moderated marketplace search engine where members look for products and services. We're experiencing exponential growth in traffic, and our members may be interested in your offering. Just a bit about us (you can read more on our site below). We're the search engine that filed the patent for the Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale model, which eliminates the entire risk in advertising, as it costs businesses nothing up-front to advertise their products and services, and get the traffic they need. In our model, businesses, even service-based businesses, get to advertise at no charge until AFTER we get them a confirmed sale. Additionally, when our members make a purchase from a seller on Sosbuzz, we donate 25% of our proceeds to the Causes that our members select. This patent-pending invoicing and search model has already started to turn traditional search advertising on its head, as it benefits all parties concerned.

For more details and to register, please visit the page below:

Register Now

Do not miss the traffic we can drive to your site. I encourage you to register your site today. Please feel free to reply back with any questions you may have.


Raffi Sosikian, MBA

Founder & President

Sosbuzz, Inc



so, I will now post my reply.


Mr. Sosikian,

After having received your email concerning your business, I read it closely a few times before I decided to reply.

I am flattered that one of your staff had seen fit to bring my website to your attention. I will admit that Sosbuzz might actually drive traffic to my website, but . . .

As you might surmise by actually surfing my website, I do not sell a thing. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I'm not sure what your staffer saw in my site but I can tell you, it wasn't products or services for sale. I would almost suspect this person of just going to a site, maybe a bulletin board or forum and copying the links from that site to submit to you. I would doubly-so suspect that if that person worked for an SEO organization at some time.

So, being listed on Sosbuzz would actually be a waste of time for the both of us. I have nothing to sell, therefore my listing would be a dead end for you. In the meantime, your site would look bad for listing a site that obviously does not sell anything on the 'net.

I suggest you talk with the individual that suggested my site and explain to them, a site needs to sell a product or service to be of any use to your company. As far as I'm concerned that individual will cost you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. If it were my business, I would be sending that person down the road with their last check right about now.

I own several other sites that do not sell products or services so I will be interested to see if you make the same offer to those 'webmasters'.

Good day,



As you can see, Mr. Sosikian probably gleaned my website from my posts on a forum. It's very obvious that he (or his alleged staffer) never visited my site. Not surprising, probably an SEO taking things to a new level.

I get the offers all the time for 'reciprocal links' where th person puts your links on a page that is not found on the website's main page, but expecting you to put their link front and center. I think this guy is just a better version of the same scam.

Hope you all got a good giggle from this.


Kellan, the old warhorse.