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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not The Way To Start The Year

Okay, this is no way to start the New Year.

Yesterday evening, my Tigress brought home Friday Dinner, a 6" Subway BMT. Tasty, enjoyable as always except when I had finished it, I had a sharp stomach ache start. This one was different, however. Besides the stomach ache, I was hurting in the vicinity of my left kidney.

The pain worsened, eventually leading to losing my dinner. You know, 'Driving the porcelain bus'. The pain continued to increase in intensity, leading to a trip to the Emergency Room.

The staff had a tough time getting me comfortable, eventually resorting to something much stronger than morphine. A cat scan revealed an eight millimeter(!) kidney stone. Yeah, not good.

They sent me home in hopes that I will pass the stone but I'm sure that's not likely. That means early next week, I'll have to have the stone broken up.

The pain pills have left me in a huge, San Francisco type of fog, so I had to wait until I was somewhat straight to type this. In a little bit, I'll be taking another pain pill and go back into the heavy fog again.

And how was your weekend?

Kellan, the old (hurting) warhorse

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