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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Evening

Okay, so I have installed XP Pro and a few productivity programs so I can work for the moment. I can say with all honesty some programmers have never used their programs. Teric, this is not aimed at you, just so you know.

I tried to install Thunderbird and Firefox on my laptop only to be thwarted at every turn when I tried to copy over my files/settings. It finally came down to brute force that I was able to do so but not the accepted way.

I installed Thunderbird and then brute-force copied from my old installation the whole program and identity file. Same for the favorites in Firefox. Unorthodox but it worked. I was aided by turning the old drive into an external USB device for copying. Added a whole $13.oo USD to the grand total but what the hey, it worked.

Anyway, the laptop had never ran so crisp. I'm pleased, so far.

Kellan, the old warhorse