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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, a view from your home is worth everything. Including jail time.

It seems a homeowner on Regency Court in El Cerrito wanted a better view of the bay and the San Francisco skyline. So much so that they saw fit to poison 13 California Live Oaks in El Cerrito's Hillside Nature Area, a public park.

This heinous crime has been going on for over two years and was perpetrated by a person with a power drill, a long auger bit, some poison and wine corks. The evil @$$hole drilled the trunks below ground level and poured poison in, corking the hole afterwards. That my friends, is a felony. I hope he goes to jail. For a long time.

The city says it will replant so the perpetrator doesn't get that view he/she was after. If he/she ends up in jail, it will be a moot point for him/her.

That's all,

Kellan, the old warhorse

Posted by Kellan Meig'h at 7:35 AM
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