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Friday, July 31, 2009

Resolution of a sort ...

The meeting behind me, I can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

The meeting started on a very ominous note, being told straight up that the funds, vehicle and tools of the trade have already been transferred to the new department. As of Monday, 3 Aug 2009, the victim, er ... I mean the lucky employee would report to the new department. If one of us didn't volunteer, an unfortunate tech, um, I mean a candidate would be chosen by management.

Our union rep stepped up to the plate at that point, stating the job transfer would be by seniority, reverse order per the Ed code. The new guy who I will refer to as 'Bob', was the unfortunate victim, I mean lucky guy. The person that actually started this whole mess, the tech with the most telco experience, looked at 'Bob' and actually said, "Sorry, I was just looking out for number one".

It was an interesting meeting, making me realize why the telco guru didn't want to over to the new department. There was definite bad blood between him and the new dept head. He actually called him a liar in the meeting! Unreal!

Anyway, 'Bob' is taking this very well, since he doesn't have a beef with the new dept head. In retrospect, if I had enough knowledge, I would have taken the position. This new dept. head, since he's trying to build an indispensable empire, would fight tooth and nail for you in a layoff.

The bad part is I am the low man in my dept. again. Bummer. But I still have a job and a certain coyote said I could pick his brains if I needed to. Thanks for the offer, SC.

Have a great weekend,

Kellan, the old warhorse

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