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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Blog

Just a short blog on Tuesday

Further Confusion 2009 came and went, leaving us chomping at the bit for next year.

For those of you that didn't go, here's some figures.

  • 2,587 Attendees
  • 530 fursuits in the parade (25 minutes worth!)
  • $43,541 USD raised for charity
  • Moves to the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA for 2010! We finally outgrew the Doubletree this year.

Anyway, we went, we saw, we got hooked, attending four panels on fursuit construction. We learned a lot from the masters of the craft, such as don't go to Joanne's Fabrics to buy your fur! All four panels mentioned this!

We got the rare chance to see a few large wild cats that were brought this year and the Masquerade, Furmily Feud and Furry Night Live performances were great.

I did learn something, though. My Kodak Z1285 leaves much to be desired for the types of photos I was trying to get. I will need a better camera by next year. Maybe a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi 12.2 MP that uses my existing SD cards.

My Tigress even attended, stalking the Dealer's Den for bounty. She dropped about $100 USD in there, believe it or not!

Anyway, here's a pic of Zaqtly, Teric, myself and my little filly Champagne. Thanks to Teric and his other roomie behind the camera for the shot. That's his room, BTW. And yes, I'm wearing a kilt because I can! I was very comfortable the whole con in that respect. That was until Monday, when I mistakenly wore P@NTS to the con! 8(

We had fun and we can't wait to go back.

Speaking of backs, mine tortured me all weekend so I'm glad to be home to rest up. I still haven't unpacked, yet!

Take care,


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