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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday's Blog

OK, Thursday's blog is a comparison of two WYSIWYG HTML editing programs.

The first one is a well-known one called Dreamweaver from Adobe.com while the contender is an unknown from Sourceforge.net called CompoZer.

First up is Dreamweaver. It took some 20 minutes to download on broadband. This it totally unacceptable for a download time. I then took about 30 minutes installing it. Again, totally unacceptable. Upon running the program, I discovered the help files are online and unusable to do simple things like finding out how to link a page to a stylesheet.

The contender, CompoZer, is the upgrade to Nvu, which has no further development going on it. CompoZer is almost like Dreamweaver in the way that it runs, except it takes just a few minutes to download and install. This program has decent help files included that will tell you how to do simple things like link your stylesheet. there is a forum for help with this program, too.

The bottom line-Dreamweaver for $399 street or CompoZer for $0 (freeware)? Guess where my money's going!

CompoZer, for Win32, MacOSX, Linux tarball, Debian, Redhat rpm, and source code to roll your own.

Y'all take care,


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