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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday's Blog

Friday's Update ...

Chapter 23 of "The Price Of Worship" and chapter 13 of "A Loss Of Rights" will be posted tomorrow. I hope to get writing again, as I have been kind of uninspired as of late.

To SC; Please feel free to use that soap box- that's what I left it there for. The same invitation extends to my favorite filly, Aslaug.

I'm still trying to recover from my back injury, a long uphill battle at this point. I have been given 11 exercises to do by my physical therapist twice a day so I feel like I'm still in basic training for the Air Force! They're strenuous enough that I break a sweat doing them!

I have some other pics of my hometown and a trip in 2000 to Carson City, NV's train museum that I will try to post for y'all.

SC, I'll send you an email with a more detailed report on my injury. Aslaug, I will get that file edited for you this weekend. I just want to look at it again so I'm sure of my edits.

Have a nice weekend-


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