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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Quick Update For You ...

If your curious how my fellow Californians voted, here's the link to map of how the vote went.

Proposition 8 

Aslaug, thanks for the kind words. As I grow older, my horizons seem to be getting broader. It may have something to do with having some very wonderful friends that help me to open my eyes. That includes you, Aslaug.

My daughter told me her core beliefs over this situation (prop. 8) and they were as follows: (her words, not mine)

"I hate it when a bunch of religious f**ktards screw things up for the rest of us. They need someone to walk up to them and slap the living sh*t out of them and tell them to get a life! This is not the dark ages! Why can a man and a woman that hate each other vehemently get married and nobody gives a sh*t but let two men or two women that love one another deeply try to get married and they get barred from doing so!"

*starts getting up on soapbox*

You can probably tell she feels strongly about this matter. So do I. What really p*ssed us both off was this issue the naysayers were using, stating that marriage is taught in schools and therefore gay marriage will be taught in school. Between my daughter asking her online friends and the fact that myself and a number of my family work for our local school district, this is total BS that gay marriage will be taught. It sounded pretty convincing on television, though. Gah, I hate politics ...

*climbs off soapbox*


See my comments for clarification, if it really will clarify it. Here's what I commented:


I guess I should clarify this because I agree with Aslaug wholly in this matter.

What was said was marriage is taught in 95% of the schools so gay marriage will be taught. That's what pulled all the votes to get Prop 8 passed.

What we were mad about is the fact that as far as we could research and determine, marriage was not taught at all in school. Another lie to get what they wanted, Prop 8 passing because of lies as far as mydaughter was concerned.


I'll still say it again- I don't have a problem with it and I will agree that if gay marrigae were discussed with our young children, maybe prejudice would not prevail. I still see nothing wrong with it.It's not my cup of tea but hey, that's just my opinion. I say if they love one another, let them marry!

Hey California, are you listening?