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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a little update

I don't really have much to post this time, just letting a few people know I'm still around.

I received an email from The Silver Coyote, letting me know he received my ramblings. Just to let you know SC, the air up here is almost berathable now. Hope things are going fine with you and you have just a few more moments to yourself.

Saturday I will be posting chapter 7 of "A Loss Of Rights." Things will start picking up now with the story and I know you will not want to miss chapter 9 when it's posted. It's a real gut wrencher. No lie.

Aslaug, do you have another chapter coming my way? And did I do a good job with my editing??

Anyway, time to go to bed for this old warhorse.



Posted by Kellan Meig'h at 11:45 PM
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