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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday's Blog, the last one for May 2008

Just a (not so short) blog from the Old Warhorse himself ...

I had intended for some time to send a present to an on-line friend overseas. I didn't think it was such a big issue to do such a thing until I went to the post office to send it. What I was confronted with once I arrived was just beyond belief to the Old Warhorse.

  1. I went in search of the appropriate forms and a Priority Mail mailer of some sort that might hold the object in question. What I discovered was something that shouldn't have been: a huge mess and no forms or mailers.
  2. I went to the front counter to ask for the desired items only to be told by the lady behind the counter in poor, broken English that the items I desired were somewhere in that mess I had just rummaged through. BTW, I straightened the mess out to some degree just to make it easier to see where I had searched.
  3. After three or more requests that included the information that there were no forms or mailers in that mess only to be told to search for them again, I asked for the manager. It was apparent that the manager had consumed a bowl of stupid that morning for breakfast, telling me I needed to go to the pile of stuff on the shelf and look again. I left the post office in disgust, thinking I will never try that again.
  4. I went across town to the UPS store, walking in with the item in question. I was told Yes, they could sent this item to Denmark for me. They were very helpful in helping me to find the right size mailer to put the item into and weigh it for me. I was at that point informed that it would take $130 USD (one hundred and thirty!) to send said item!
  5. After they propped me up against the counter and heavily administered smelling salts to revive me, I was shown other less-expensive ways to send said item. After a still substantial amount of $$$USD was exchanged, the item was sent on its way to its destination in the town of Nibe ... via the US Postal Service ... 8-(

OK, so I finally got the item in question off in the mail with a promise from them that it would make it there at some point in time. At least I feel vindicated in a way, the item did get mailed as I had promised.

So anyway, the Old Warhorse has been at home this week, having thrown my back out Tuesday. My back is very sore and tender to the touch at the zone of L4 in the lower back, making it hard to even sit down in my easy chair. I've been taking pain pills (Vicodin) so as a result my mind has been dulled slightly. Consequently, I haven't been very productive as far as the current Immortal Warriors story is concerned. I did post Chapter 3  for your reading pleasure but I'm still working on chapter 5. I hope to become more productive in a few days once my dependence on pills lessens.

At any rate, that's where things stand at the moment.

SC, you're still in my thoughts and prayers. Drop me a line or two if and only if you have time to do so. If you're too busy, I understand fully.

Aslaug, keep your eyes peeled for a care package. 8-D

Bye for now,


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