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Monday, May 26, 2008


OK, so I went with my little filly to Fanime ...

I now suffer a broken brain from the things that I observed. It started innocently enough when we got there, not driving in too many circles to find a place to park. That would be the underground parking for the San Jose Convention Center. $12 USD for the whole day was the cost and well worth it. A short elevator ride put us right inside the main level of the convention center. That's when things for strange. And stayed strange. For the rest of the day.

We didn't attend Saturday due to my being under the weather that morning. I took it easy that day, getting ready to go on Sunday. Throwing caution to the wind, I wore a kilt that Sunday. I was photographed more than a few times as a result.

Kellan hisself!

If I look a little ragged, this was AFTER the con on Sunday. I was just a bit tired when I had my tigress take this photo. For those that might ask, that's the USMC Leatherneck tartan. I wear it to honor those that have made the supreme sacrifice for our country.

Anyway, I'll have to get a photo gallery up to put the pics we took up for our entertainment.

I'll type some more later once my brain heals....


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