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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Friday Blog

This Friday finally arrived and with it a feeling that things will be better after my work shift is over.

I'm using my bicycles to get to work now that gas has hit a ridiculous price. It's only 5 miles to work so the ultimate plan is to take clean clothes to work via truck on Mondays and bring them home Friday by truck or a 'Bob' trailer. It's a mazing how quickly your quadriceps get that 'cut' look after battling our afternoon wind home.

The mountain bike has knobbie tires so it's not very fast on the pavement. That I can deal with. The road bike, a vintage Schwinn Le Tour Luxe, needs a new wheel set Because it's a 27" set and not the modern 700 wheels, I will have to pay a little more for my wheel set when I locate a source.

A friend contacted me to let me know he read my recent blog. I'm glad he did because I was somewhat worried about him and what he was having to deal with. I wish him a bit of peace to his life right now. Take care, friend.

Anyway, I better post this, do the rest of my digital necessities this morning, boot the cat off my lap, get dressed and off to work. May all of you have a pleasant weekend.


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