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Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Story!

Hey All!

well, I kind of hinted around that this story might not be penned so soon, but here it is, Chapter 01 of "Redemption" 

Please note that my proofreader is out of commission at this point due to real Life problems. As such, you might find a few typo's.

At any rate, enjoy the ride!

Kellan, the old warhorse

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Final Chapter Of "End Game"

Well, here it is, in its entirety,

Chapter 18 of "End Game" 

I'm sure the ending will be a shocker to everyone.

Thanks for reading,

Kellan, the old warhorse

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Well, I've Obviously Done Something Now

I'm not sure if the people I'm reaching out to will read this but . . .

Somehow, I've managed to do something to cause several people to stop communicating with me. I had a problem with a supposed 'safe' program stopping a lot of emails but now that I've rebuilt my Hdd (without that program), I still don't hear from them.

I've ran this through my head numerous times and I can't figure it out. I'm fairly sure I haven't spammed them, called them bad things or some other slight. I've even tried a PM to one person, to no avail.

This really bothers me to no end. Several of the persons I haven't heard back from, I considered close friends, even though half the globe separated us from one another. I feel like I've stepped on some toes/paws/hooves here but I don't know how. I'm at a loss. Even if they don't communicate with me for whatever reason, I'll still consider them friends and consider my life been enriched for having known them.

One friend, SC, I know why I haven't heard from him. Still keeping him, his mate and their family in my thoughts and prayers.

Anyway, I owe several people some proofing work, then after that, I don't know what I'll be doing. I do think I've decided to give Torvald and Victoria a rest. I'm not sure many even care for these stories, at any rate.

I have another story that I will start on, just for myself this time. It will not be posted on PlanetFurry as it is only half-furry in nature and there might be a few mature (adult content) scenes in it. But as I said, it's just for me this time. If nobody likes it, too bad. It's just for me. Maybe later, I will return to the follow-up story to "End Game", the one that puts it all to rest for Torvald and Victoria.

Back to proofing,

Kellan, the sad old warhorse

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