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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a usual Wednesday

Well, as the title says, it's just a regular Wednesday around here. I've been working on "A Loss Of Rights", having started chapter 16. This chapter will be a very gripping chapter for our Immortal Couple and their family. I hope you are all enjoying the story so far and I hope you like the guest appearances that are occurring

Anyway, my new physical therapy is probably doing some good since I noticed that my hips and legs are becoming more flexible. Now if the back pain would just go away ...

SC, Aslaug, I put a shameless plug for your sites in the header of my latest story, starting with chapter 11. Hope you like that little tip of the hat. What are friends for, anyway?

I'll blog at you later,


Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Night At The Ranch

Just a quick note from the ranch~

Things are about the same around here as they were during the last blog so not much happening

My current story that's updating on the Old Raccoon's Bookshelf, "The Price Of Worship", will be done with a week from tomorrow. With that said, this means this will be the first time in a long time that one of my stories will not be an active updating story over there. There is one that I have been working on to refine it a bit but that one will not be ready for a while.

Another story, "A Loss Of Rights", seemed to strike a chord with many readers so I'm not sure it will ever be on the bookshelf. I personally think it's a great story with a lot of depth that was lacking from my previous works but it was clear that the story hit too close to home for a number of readers.

I have yet another story that's in preliminary now, that depending on if I can make a good story line for it and Mike likes it, it may make it to the shelf.

I'm kinda hoping that a few folks email me this weekend, if they can find the time. I guess with too much time on my hands at the moment, it seems that others aren't getting back to me like they should. I need to be patient.

Have a nice weekend,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a quick note from Casa Del Meig'h

Just keeping you all apprised of what's going on here-

For starters, I will getting some attention from some specialists in lower back injuries. As most of you know, I threw my back out last May. Well, at the urging of my workman's comp rep, I switched doctors to get a new look at the problem. This new doctor specializes in lower backs so I will be going to physical therapy tomorrow at a site that also specializes in lower backs, among other things.

IF you were waiting to see chapter 11 of "A Loss Of Rghts," I regret you will have to wait. It seems my canid friend down in So Cal has been busy of late. I checked his blog to see he's been extremely busy. The reason this holds up the show is the fact that his character Jose Ortiz 'Joe' Latrans is in many of the upcoming chapters. How does that figure in, you ask? This is the reason; I want to make sure he's happy with the portrayal of his character.

SC, I know you're busy, so get your approvals to me when you have time. Take care and be careful while you're working too many hours. BTW, I see that you're using java as a major morning fuel! Do you think you could add something to that, like a granola bar? You know we have to look after our well worn bodies ...

As a note, I have added a gallery of photos, sadly, badly done from the Kodak Z885 camera that died ... that must have been why the shots didn't come out well. Anyway, it's the trip to the train museum in August. I enjoyed the museum and our dinner at Joe's Crab Shack  afterwards. It was the ride up and back that did me in. Oh Well ...

Anyway, y'all have a nice weekend and take care,


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Justice is being served ... finally!

I was reading the paper tonight and ran across an article that said the person believed to be responsible for a murder in 2004 had been arrested.

While that may sound trivial and everyday to you, it was very important to me. The deceased, Debra Abbey, was a coworker of mine that I knew fairly well. She was killed about three weeks after her boyfriend was slain, but his and her murders were said to be unrelated. At least this person will possibly pay for his crimes against her. Debra was a very nice person that didn't deserve to die so young. She was 49 years old when she was killed.

Debbie, we all still miss you.

Take care,


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early Staurday Morning

Well, it's early Saturday morning and since I can't sleep, I thought I would blog a bit.

I did a few updates to the two stories that are being worked, chapters 12 to 20 for "The Price OF Worship" and lo and behold, chapter 10 of "A Loss Of Rights."

"A Loss Of Rights" has been a tough one for me since for some reason, I ran out of steam on it. Feel assured in the knowledge that chapters 11 and 12 are nearly complete, needing only an inspection and certification by a certain coyote. After a short day off to clear my head, I will start on the next chapter. I think I hear a few cheers going up for some reason.

Anyway, I wish all of you a great weekend!


Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday's Blog

Just a quick note from Casa Del Meig'h-

I'm back at work on "A Loss Of Rights" but it's getting kind of tedious. I might very well be violating multiple writer's laws by working on two chapter at once. All I know is I had inspiration that needed to be done up in words but it wasn't for the current chapter but the next one. What can I say? I maybe need a break from all of this.

Saturday is the Loch Lomond games in Ben Lomond, CA. Hopefully I will feel up to going and reward you all with some ridiculously bad photos.

Speaking of photos, I had to replace my two month old Kodak Z885 because it kept hanging up on startup. I had purchased a warranty on it through Staples so I took it back and got a full credit towards another one, a Kodak Z1285 12mp camera. I hope it doesn't start crapping too as I hate to take another one back. I'll just cross my fingers ...

Take care and have a nice weekend-


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