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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The last day of September 2008

Just dropping a line to let everyone know I'm still alive and kicking.

I'm still trying desperately to recover from my back injury, the bad part being I'm getting cabin fever now. It's not bad (yet) but it's getting there. I'm hoping an upcoming appointment with a back specialist will turn up the reason it's taking so long for my back to recover.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cleartype and Vista ...

Let me preface this by saying I hate Vista!

I was trying to smooth out the screen fonts on my Dell 1501 and for the life of me, Cleartype looks worse than normal font smoothing! Arrgh! Why I even bother sometimes ...

Well, seems Mazatlan wasn't good enough for my muse. She left there and went to Cancun again and then I finally caught up with her whereabouts when the hotel in Acapulco called my house, confirming that is was OK for *her* to charge this fling to my card!

I could hear her in the background, begging for them just to do it and not ask me but I prevailed. I told the desk clerk she had to give me inspiration or no card. I then heard her begin sobbing in the background. Once on the line, she apologized profusely but offered up little in the way of inspiration for the old warhorse. I reminded her I held her fate in my paws but she still didn't offer up much. I then pointed out to her that she wouldn't get paid jack to wash dishes for her lodging so she cut loose. Damn her! It was a racy, dirty, sex-laden, smutty tome that obviously was more appropriate for other venues and not KellanMeigh.com. I heard her laughing maniacally as she hung up the phone. She charged a week at a Holiday Inn on my card, too! Just wait until I get my paws on her ...

Anyway, there was a storyline under that smut story that might make a good short ditty, as soon as I remove ALL the smutty stuff. Thanks, muse, I'll get even with you ...

Have a safe week, all.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday the 12th ...

Just thought I would drop a line or two so all of you would know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I did manage to get out last weekend, having a barbecue with my brother Saturday and a little riding trip around Lake Elizabeth with my family on Sunday. My brother, not wanting to be left out, convinced me to take a ride around Coyote Hills Regional Park  on Thursday.

So I haven't been sitting here like a bump on a log. I have, however, been unable to work further on "A Loss Of Rights" for some reason so no new chapters will be posted until I write them, OK?

I still have other stories that I am picking away at, not sure of direction for them, either. Darn muse, some time to take off for The Bahamas! Bummer.

Anyway, hope all of you have a nice weekend!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Of interest to Canon PowerShot camera aficionado’s

OK, there's more that I wanted to blog about but this needed to be posted before my aging mind forgot it.

Although I use a pair of Kodak cameras (C7430 and Z885), a Pentax P30 MF 35mm and an Olympus point 'n shoot for my photographic work, this is a hack worthy of note.

Hack Your Canon PowerShot to Add Superpowers 

It looks pretty easy to do and getting RAW support is worth the effort. If anyone does this hack, let me know.

My normal blog will be up later today.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Suckerpunch part deux

OK, I'll make this short and sweet-

Just so y'all know, I really think it was the thing about turning in my stuff at work that did it for me. Now that I've had some time to settle down, it seems I'm just worried about my job, that's all. Hope y'all didn't take that outburst of mine to heart. I'm just worried about supporting my brood.

Y'all have a nice Friday and weekend. I'm gonna try to get away from home and out in the fresh air this weekend, in hopes it will clear my head.

Aslaug, thanks for the hug. I desperately needed it.

Take care,


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I feel like I've been suckerpunched ...

OK, for those that aren't up on this, I apologize

I have a few stories that I read on-line because I like the writer's style and one in particular because I happen to think the lady that writes them is a very inspired, unique individual. That particular person's story took a turn that hit me harder than any turn in any of her stories has ever done. I won't go into it deeply but a favorite character that I thought didn't get enough story-time as it was, met her brutal demise in the latest chapter(s).

It hit me hard, and I don't know why. I just can't begin to say why this fictional character's demise hit me as hard as the passing of any of my family. Maybe I felt that character was in a way part of my family, since I had 'borrowed' her with permission for several stories. I dunno ...

Now today-

Let me clarify this by saying I'm off work from a bad back. My employer will not let somebody work on light duty beyond 60 days to avoid making that position a modified work position. Well, that timed out on me.

I'm now at home on disability while they figure out what's wrong with my back. My boss called to ask me to turn in my keys, cell phone, radio and laptop. It's not that they don't trust me, ya know because they did this to a coworker that went on a sabbatical I don't know ... it just hit me like a double whammy. I just don't know what to think ... I'm just sitting here now, deciding to post this. I started an hour ago and I can't find anything else to type.


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