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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's Ramblings

Well, Monday comes to find the Old Warhorse in a world of hurt. We went on a small road trip to my sister's home in the Central Valley, Chowchilla to be exact. We were at one point within a stone's throw of that particular Perko's in Turlock. Anyone that's been reading the current story will know which one I'm talking about.

We encountered a fire on the way, about a mile or two east of Casa De Fruita on the 152 between Gilroy and Los Banos. The fire eventually burned 1,650 acres before it was contained.

It was beginning in the afternoon Saturday and the firefighters were still in mop-up mode Sunday evening. 20+ engines, tankers and helicopters.

To my friend SC-I was about to make a comment on that locked thread only to find Mike had locked it while I was composing a response. Oh well, it was best to lock that thread.

This week may find me a bit scarce-school starts on Wednesday and I have a ton of loose ends to try to tie up at me school sites.

Take care,

Kellan, the old warhorse

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Blog

OK, I guess I need to vent so bear with me.

A forum I belong to had a recent post that managed to end badly before it was locked. It surrounded the idea that homosexual rights would be the downfall of the church.

Before I go any further, I'll point out that I am straight/hetro, married, children/grandchildren. You might even add the tag "Mormon" to that.

The discussion was quite heated at times but it all ended with the original poster actually (verbally) attacking another because of his church affiliations. I have to admit that this was just a new low to the board. I actually felt ashamed of what went on.

I have friends that while not many in number, I can say they are true friends. I have Pentecostal friends, Mormon friends, Heathen friends and Christian friends. I have friends who are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual (I think) and transsexual. That particular transsexual friend I consider to be a very close friend as are a few special folks from the SoCal area. You all know who you are.

So, as you see, I have a a few friends. Not a lot but more than one or two. Those that aren't straight/hetro like me, I still think fondly of and in a way, care for. They may be different in a way but when it comes down to it, we are all members of the human race. Now here comes the theological part.

It would be wrong of me to discriminate against any of my friends or those like them, well, because it wouldn't be right. I am very accepting and tolerant of such things. Sexuality is something we are born with. If we are straight, gay, bi or trapped in the wrong gender of body, that was how we were born. We did not learn this, it wasn't some disease that caused this, it's how we are. Now, for a church to openly discriminate against another group or even individual, that is wrong on so many different levels. It's darn near homophobic in a way. And it's disturbing to me.

I said I'm Mormon. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the model LDS member and I might better serve as a bad example to other LDS members. I have to say that I didn't agree with my church getting behind the Prop 8 debacle. I was all for it because it just seems to be a logical progression. Back in the biblical days, homosexuality would have been a death sentence in some circles. In today's world, it is very common. It's time for the churches of today to wake up and realize this is how it is.

I don't actually expect the LDS church (or any other of those 'Christian' churches for that matter) to be accepting of alternate (read: not straight/hetro) lifestyles. It would be nice if we could all just get on the same page, agree that this is how it will be, accept our gay/lesbian/bi/transsexual neighbors for who they are and what they are and just get on with life.

There are some churches that have seen fit to include everyone in their congregations but a few seem hellbent to exclude a large number of folks for being different. Remember I said 'homophobic'? That's what it looks like to me. Maybe I'm too accepting but I'm still sure I'm right in this matter. I was shocked that these churches actually got behind Prop 8 in the first place! Religion has no business in politics and vice versa. Maybe churches that do so should lose their tax exempt status if they want to be in politics. Nonetheless they need to keep out of this.

My hope is that someday, the churches wake up and smell the coffee. Be accepting. Don't discriminate in the name of God. Don't wave the bible around for attention without reading it first. Love your fellow man/woman.

Again, my apologies for venting.

Kellan, the saddened old warhorse.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Found on a 'modular' classroom:

spray paint art  

Nice work, Chauncey!

Kellan, the old warhorse

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

"A Loss Of Rights"

Well, it's been a while but Chapter 31 of "A Loss Of Rights" has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Slainte Mhath!

Kellan, the old warhorse

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Warhorse's War Wagon

My Friend The Silver Coyote recently lamented the loss of his work steed, a very heavily used (abused?) 4WD truck. He was given a 2WD van to use that he wasn't happy with from the sounds of it. Well, SC, this is my War Wagon, a 2000 E250 with a 4.2L V-6. 113K on the odo at this time.

Yeah, I have managed to get it stuck at a school site!


Kellan, the old warhorse

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Another one for my silver-hued canid friend ...

Let's take a step back from that closeup of the 66 block and take in the view just to the left ...

Nice and neat! NOT! Can you say, "Hack Job?" I knew you could!

Kellan, the old warhorse

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Pictures Are UP!!!

The gallery for our family reunion 2009 at Woodward Reservoir, Oakdale, CA can be found right HERE! 


Kellan, the old warhorse

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday's Nonsense

Well, this one again is for my friend in SoCal, The Silver Coyote

What a mess!  

Not how I want my work done! I'm sure SC will have a word or two to say about this!

Kellan, the old warhorse

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thurdsay's Blurb

This Thursday's blog is dedicated to my friend, The Silver Coyote. His response of "WTF" to Tuesday's pic prompted me to post this one:


I hate to say it, my canid friend but I haven't even scratched the surface. The red wire in that can, upper right is fire wire. Not ever to be mixed in with communications/clocks/bells/etc.

You have to understand our Project Managers don't work for us. An outside firm hires these jokers to make sure it's done on time and under budget. Screw the fact it needs to be right.

That's where I come in. I flat out tell them it will not pass inspection like this! They are also warned they will be reported to the State Fire Marshall if they sign off on it!

If I seem stressed from time to time, this is why.

Kellan, the old warhorse

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's goodie for the Techies

Something that needs to be redone:

FireLite MS_5024UD  

Nice, neat, professional work by a contractor. NOT! Notice how the two rectangular devices hang in front of the display/keypad? The door won't close like this. (door removed for clarity)

As we used to say around the slot car track, "Good job, Chauncey!"

Thought this might lighten your day.

Kellan, the old warhorse

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday, Sunday ...

Woodward Reservoir, August Evening  

Well, the old warhorse is home again. We had fun at our family reunion, I'm sun burnt just a bit and I long to sleep in my own bed again. That is, after I clean up. I'm sure I brought at least a few pounds of lake grit home with me.

The above photo was taken Friday night standing in my camp site. This is 'very' close to what I actually saw that evening. We were treated to this again Saturday night.

Once I recover, I will add some pics to the gallery.

Take care,

Kellan, the old warhorse

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Thursday's ramblings

Just so y'all know, I'm not falling off the planet this weekend. We have a family reunion camp-out (no internet) that I will attending with my tigress.

Um, this might sound odd but the little filly doesn't like to camp so she's holding down the pueblo at Casa del Meig'h.

There will be pictures in the gallery when I return to document the whole gruesome affair. I will warn you; some of them may not be for the squeamish. 8-)

Slainte M'hath!

Kellan, the old warhorse

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

For you techies ...

Straight from the NFS-640 Operations Manual, Appendix D: Point and Systems Troubles List:

EPROM ERROR - The application and/or boot code is corrupt. Service required.

Nice, huh? BTW, it's done this about a dozen times since I posted that pic. Not good. Boss says the company that looked at has it under control. Is that why they cleared the panel history so I couldn't see what they did or did not do? Hmm ... I have a fire watch on that site now.

Oh Well,

Kellan, the (amused) old warhorse

Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday's short blurb

Thought I would share this with all of you-

Not something you want to see on your fire alarm panel. Same as BSOD on a window$ machine.

FACP in trouble  

Sorry about the quality-taken with my cellphone. Found on 03 Aug 2009 like this. Nobody at the site OR the monitoring company(!) bothered to call us to let us know.


Kellan, the old warhorse.