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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Chapter! Yay!!

Just a quick note-

Chapter 9 of "End Game"  has been posted for your reading pleasure.

Kellan, the old warhorse

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday's Tidbits

Well, I finally decided to post this. It's official now; our cat has cancer. And it's inoperable. And it's teminal.

The sad part is she's still her old self at this point, albeit a bit slower than before. Her eyes are still bright and sparkly and she still craves attention. I guess we'll just make sure she's comfortable and do the humane thing when it's time.

Now that I got that off my chest, you can see why I'm not very upbeat at the moment. I've been trying to write but I guess my depression over not being able to help the furry member of our family out is geting to me. Maybe I will get myself out of this funk soon, before it consumes me.

As a side note, have you ever received an email telling you that you have an e-card from Hallmark? Well, some person in our school district opened one of those emails, propogating a trojan of sorts. Before IT tried to put the brakes on it, the disaster had spread to 34 schools and hundreds of computers. Not good. They were still in clean-up mode two days later. Oh Well . . .

To SC; I hope the Sharks get their behinds in gear or they will miss another chance at the Stanley Cup.

Anyway, have a nice weekend,

Kellan, the old warhorse

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's Blog

Well, Monday morning here at Casa Del Meig'h is an uneasy one.

It seems the little furry feline member of the family, Baby, is soon to go to the vet's office. She's been under the weather lately and a trip Saturday turned up a mass in her abdomen. This morning she will have an ultrasound performed to determine what this mass is and if it is treatable. We really hope it is, both medically and financially.

This comes at a bad time for us, since we had some expenditures that we needed to take care of. Now all of that will have to go on the back burner while we take care of Baby's needs.

On a lighter note, Chapter 9 of "End Game" has went to my able proofers but they must have been busy this weekend. Oh well, I'll get that chapter up soon. I'm about 4+ pages into chapter 10 at the moment.

A few friends here in SoCal are having a get-together at the end of the month and I can't begin to tell you just how bummed out I am that we can't attend. I really wish we could have put the trip together. Maybe next time.

Kellan, the old warhorse

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Story Update

Well, as you may know, "End Game"  has its intertwined story penned by my good friend Aslaug, called "Defiance".

Since they are meant to read in some order, here's Chapter 06 of "Defiance" for your reading pleasure.


Kellan, the old warhorse

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Friday, May 07, 2010

"End Game" Chapter 8

Well, "End Game" Chapter 8 has been posted for your reading pleasure. I'm sure the surprise at the end will get your attention.

My eye is coming along nicely but I'm afraid we (my better half and I) won't be able to attend a get-together in So Cal this month. I won't have my glasses done by the last weekend and we just don't seem to have the time off to take, either. I'm bummed.

Have a nice weekend,

Kellan, the old warhorse

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